Am I Impacted?

  1. Who was impacted?

    If you have visited a LifeLabs for a test or received a test/service from LifeLabs Genetics and Rocky Mountain Analytical, then it is likely your information is in our database.

    The systems that were accessed during the cyber-attack contained the information of about 15 million customers, including names, addresses, emails, birth dates, logins, passwords and health card numbers.

    Separately, 85,000 Ontario lab test customers from 2016 were impacted.

    The vast majority of LifeLabs’ customers are in B.C. and Ontario. A relatively small number of customers located in the following provinces may also be affected:

    – Yukon
    – Alberta
    – Northwest Territories
    – Saskatchewan
    – Manitoba
    – Nova Scotia
    – New Brunswick
    – PEI
    – Quebec
    – Newfoundland
  1. How will I know if I was impacted?

    If you were one of the 85,000 lab test customers impacted, you will be receiving a direct notification from us in the coming weeks. We are working to get these notifications out as quickly as possible.

    The nature of the cyber-attack doesn’t allow us to be completely certain about which customers may have been impacted. That’s why we are notifying all LifeLabs customers and are encouraging our customers to take extra precaution to protect their data:

    Click here to learn how to sign up for free cyber security protections for up to one year

    Registered users for LifeLabs’ online services should continually update their passwords so they are strong, complex and unique
  1. I didn’t visit a LifeLabs location, but I had my blood drawn at another healthcare provider i.e., hospital, medical clinic, private and/or public lab provider. How do I know if it was sent to LifeLabs for testing?

    The majority of individuals potentially affected are located in BC and Ontario and visited LifeLabs for medical testing or other locations like hospitals, medical clinics, private and public lab providers across BC and Ontario that send testing to LifeLabs.

    We are working with these health care providers to support notification to patients who have been impacted.